Mission Statement

Kenyan Kids exists to give opportunities to vulnerable children and their families living in Western Kenya

Vision Statement

To create sustainable programs, which will provide all children the opportunity to grow up in a safe environment and achieve their full potential

Kenyan Kids

As the name suggest, it is all about CHILDREN! Giving children the chance of an education, a loving home where they can be safe from harm; things, which for our own children take for granted.

I first visited Kenyan with my teenage children in 2010. Initially, the objective was to open their eyes to the harshness of life in a third world country. It was soon clear however, that there was a greater purpose for me personally.

During that first visit, while attending a community meeting on one of the rubbish tips, handing out bread and tea to the hungry and homeless, a small, urine-soaked, child climbed onto my knee and proceeded to fall asleep. I was so touched by what I found there and inspired by the motivation of these deprived kids to be educated and do the best they can with their lives that I knew right then I was committed to help in whatever way possible.

When I returned home, I founded Kenyan Kids, a non-profit 1901 association registered in France.

Our first project became centred on keeping little ones out of harm’s way, we gave them breakfast lunch and eventually they were able to attend school.

In 2012, the Kenyan Kids academy for poor and/or orphaned children was inaugurated, each brick or bag of cement generously donated by our initial supporters. By 2014, 50 children were enrolled across three classes and with a program of growth and sustainability built in, the running of the school was then handed back to the local community.

In March 2014, working together with local Community leaders in Kisumu we identified the need for a rescue centre for young girls. And so our second project, Familia, was founded.

Currently home to eleven girls, each rescued from different areas of risk; escaping early marriage, FGM (female genital mutilation), physical and/or sexual abuse, modern day slavery and/or sex trafficking.

Kenyan Kids fund the school fees, provides shelter, food, clothing and medication. Given a secure and supportive environment, these young girls now have the opportunity to learn, grow and develop into the self-sufficient and confident young women they deserve to be.

We are working to end child prostitution and trafficking. We help these young girls rebuild their lives. We are proud of what we do and of the wonderfully loyal supporters who have given generously in support of these projects.

With many more young and vulnerable children living on the streets of Kisumu, we still have lots to do. Perhaps you’d like to help us?


Our Goals

Kenyan Kids goal is to create a legacy for future generations:

  • To secure a permanent safe home and relevant resources to further reduce the number of homeless and ‘at risk’ children.
  • To provide emergency ‘short term’ shelter for young victims of rape
  • To enroll more children in school ensuring every child has access to education
  • To initiate community involvement and engagement

Want get involved?

If your would like to get involved or volunteer, check out our page about volunteering for Kenyan Kids to see what you can do to help